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Audience interactivity is key to powerful events with real impact. Introduce your audience with the Votemo interactivity layer and organise smarter data-driven events.

Measure event audiences' experience and actions, show participation results on screens and video stream, and you'll see 80% more engagement and a better outcomes for sponsors.

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Charlotte Hurni

Sales & Partnerships

Why Votemo?


80% more engagement means higher success rate for the event

Enable interactive engagement and show participation results on screens using branded graphic overlays, and you’ll see 80% more engagement and better outcome for speakers and sponsors. Statistics show that higher participation rate and more dialogue means better success rate and higher revenue for the event.


Measurable sponsor Ads and custom branded solutions

Impress your sponsors with Votemo multi-channel interactivity layer and branded solutions. With Votemo even a face-to-face event can become an environment like social media where all audiences actions, such as engagement, impressions, clicks, conversations, likes, can be measured, and converted into leads and revenue.


Use as stand-alone or integrate into other event platforms

Votemo is a collection of event interactivity tools that can be used as stand-alone interactive elements of your in-person, hybrid or virtual event. You can also integrate Votemo tools and results overlays into any event management platform, streaming software and video broadcasting programme. 

How to engage your audience?

Interactive audience participation results from live polling and digital voting

Spark conversation between speakers and the audience with Live Polling and Voting

Make your event interactive by giving your audience options to express their opinions and give feedback through live polling and digital voting. Animated emojis are a good way to liven up your audience and boost engagement level. Read more about Live Polling.

Scan QR code to access event engagement, such as Live Polling, Live Q&A and chat

Crowdsource questions and ideas from your audience with Live Q&A and Chat

Live Q&A sessions are an integral part of every event and meeting these days. Host session, and moderate live comments and questions via the Votemo Admin panel. Call for users to Upvote the best questions, and display results on screens in real time. Read more about Live Q&A.

Interactive event sponsor advertising, such as Mood Meter, Word cloud, animated emojis

Organise competitions and award ceremonies that generate leads and extra revenue

Votemo strategy team helps you build effective interactivity strategies for your event. Meaningful audience engagement and participation will generate more value for your guests and sponsors. Create unforgettable and impactful experience, drive traffic to your sponsors' sites or collect valuable data for your sales pipeline. Read more about branded sponsor solutions. 

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Trusted by many well-known events and brands

Live Streaming & Innovation Manager of Ascential, Jose Estevez: "The interactive elements and custom emojis really gave a new dimension to show and helped us interact with our [Cannes Lions Live 2021] audience in a different way. It was truly great to work with the Votemo team and we look forward to working with them again on future broadcasts."

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