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"Votemo Live"

We all have a story to share. Here's an opportunity to introduce yourself and tell users about you. You can include a little bit about your professional history, your personal interests, or how this site came to be. Click to edit the text and make it your own.

Event Details

  • Online

  • April 16, 2022

  • 2 speakers


Agenda & Speakers

1 PM

This is your Agenda section. This space is a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what you do and what your site has to offer. 

2 PM

Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want site visitors to know.

2:30 PM

Explain your core values, your commitment to customers and how you stand out from the crowd. Add a photo, gallery or video for even more engagement.

Olivia Walker

Keynote Speaker

Dan Mitchell 

Panel Moderator

Tess Andersen

Keynote Speaker

Noah Patterson

Keynote Speaker