Place Votemo interactions inside your landing page

Have your set of interactions embedded on your site as a simple iFrame or Widget.

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Powerful API integrations

Use Votemo GraphQL API to integrate interaction data with 3rd party systems for further processing.


Graphics Control Software

Show interaction results as a graphic layer on the broadcast stream using the Votemo Graphics Control Software. The software works with browser sources of various streaming software (vMix, OBS) and also offers integration with CasparCG which can be used to output SDI or NDI.

Votemo's Graphics Control Software comes with a set of animated screen graphics templates ready for testing and displaying on your event's stream. For custom solutions get in touch at

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Be in control with Votemo's Client Admin platform

Votemo has a simple to use Client Admin platform where you can set up interactions and manage your content before, during and after your Event or Show.

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Votemo is a white label platform

Customise the colour set of your interactions interface, add logos or branded images, integrate custom designed icons and messages.

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Let's make your next
event more interactive.

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