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Best Slido alternatives that help you engage with your audience

Keeping your audience engaged gets more and more critical every year, when you close your eyes and think about audience engagement tools there is a great chance that what initially pops up is Slido. But did you know that there are alternative tools like Slido. For instance, Votemo, Mentimeter, and Kahoot all have their own special way of usage to get the maximum engagement out of the audience. Let's look at some well-known audience engagement tools and see how they compare.

Best Slido alternative for festivals and conferences

Slido delivers its users a wide array of possibilities. You can engage with your participants with Live Polling, Q&A, Quizzes, and Word Clouds—whether you meet in the office, online or in-between. These are all amazing ways to engage with your participants in events and business meetings, but let's say you want to use the same fascinating tools in a huge festival or a 1000-people-plus conference, but you don't have enough time to set up each poll and chat one by one.

Here is where Votemo comes to perform, Votemo offers exactly the same instruments, with some improvements, but with a considerable twist. Votemo can handle sizable audiences with a bulk setup of hundreds of polls effortlessly. Want to gather a bunch of feedback from thousands or even tens of thousands of people? Look no further Votemo has you covered. So if you are looking for a Slido alternative, that has exactly the same features, but can also handle huge crowds and provide full technical and strategic support, Votemo is your answer.

Bar chart that indicates you can Increase audience engagement by 80% with Votemo
Increase audience engagement by 80% with Votemo

Alternatives to Slido with more interactive possibilities

Let's look at other alternatives to Slido. We can't go around Mentimeter. What does Mentimeter bring to the table you ask? Mentimeter shines with its interactive presentation capabilities. From tools like Slido, Mentimeter has a lot of features and designs that adapt to suit the presenter's deepest needs. It's highly versatile, you can set up a fun Christmas get-together presentation for your family or a serious board meeting, where every second counts and every minor detail matters.

While this Slido alternative is great for Keynote speakers, Votemo has managed to build many first-class solutions for event sponsors. When it comes to sponsor visibility, Votemo has a huge lead in that field. With Votemo you can grow event engagement by 80% through branded interactivity. You can customise the interface, and overlays furthermore show your results on a big screen, which gives your sponsors 100 percent of visibility. If you wish to use tools like Slido, but also collaborate with some brands and attract bigger sponsors, then look no further because Votemo hands you a unique possibility to do that.

The most playful alternative to Slido

I'm pretty sure that everyone that has some exposure to any kind of event, has also used Kahoot at least once in their life. We all know that familiar playback sound in our ears, and we all hate to get the answer we actually knew wrong because we clicked too fast on the wrong one. Kahoot is a unique alternative to Slido because it offers a rare playful experience to its users, that we just can't look over.

Let's suggest that you want to use a Slido alternative that is playful, but not just made for the purpose of getting good points in a fun but competitive game. Like Kahoot, Votemo also has some built-in playful tools, but with Votemo you can also build custom-made emoticons for your brand. Want to enhance playfulness at a festival or a conference? Let's make your brand its own unique emoticons that will drive your audience to feel emotions the way they have never felt before.

Discover your gimmick

There is a wide range of online audience engagement tools and software that are good alternatives to Slido. Every tool has its own unique gimmick that makes it special. Whether you are looking for a tool that helps you manage a small crowd of people in a business meeting or a huge audience of thousands of people at a festival, there is a tool that is just made for you. Some of them offer you a wide range of customisation and others create a playful environment to have some fun. If you are looking for a tool that can easily handle thousands of people, lets you use your own limitless creativity on emoticons, the interface and overlays, is fully customisable and lets you show your results on a screen to give your sponsors 100 percent of visibility then Votemo is just for you. You can learn about the latest event industry trends and ways to benefit from them when creating your next event engagement strategy in this blog article.

Feel free to contact us at in case you have ideas or questions you want to discuss. Our team is ready to share cases and support with strategic and creative know-how. Votemo audience interaction tools and Graphics Control Software are compatible with all common broadcasting software (e.g. OBS, vMix, CasparCG) and event platforms out there.

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