Fun Facts: TV Reborn

Despite the industry’s focus on streaming and on-demand video, LinearTV dominates Americans’ time spent viewing and is on the rise, according to a new report from Nielsen. The study also points out the increases in Internet connected devices and app/web smartphone usage that are gradually replacing time spent on other sources. These shifts are not surprising, as nearly 7 out of 10 homes now have a device capable of streaming content, and a similar amount have access to a streaming #SVOD service.
People still watch TV, but expect innovative and high-quality content. Estonians watch TV even more than 15 years ago, the most recent study on consumers TV viewing habits shows. The article is in Estonian but contains many infographics and visualizations.
Votemo collaborated with Estonian talk show Kolmeraudne during the parliamentary election season, making 6 consecutive shows interactive. What we proved once again was that if you give your audience a voice people will join in, share thoughts and help you create a better show. Arond 5% of the audience participated each show and spent up to 5 min on average voting, commenting and reading comments in Votemo's Widget placed at TV3 homepage. Take a look at the widget's content.
Votemo's Animated Reactions

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