How to achieve monetizability and sustainability for festivals and hybrid events?

Votemo CEO and Co-Founder Maarit Mäeveer was one of the speakers at the European Film Forum Tallinn 2021 during Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. Here are the key takeaways from the delivered Keynote presentation.

With festivals and industry platforms forced to hybrid production for the foreseeable future, the critical question for festival and market managers becomes how to monetize and reach sustainability in this new reality.

Votemo is a cutting edge audience engagement platform that helps festivals, fairs and expos, and hybrid events to engage and monetize their audiences taking the quality of the productions to the next level, but also helping organizers to keep revenues in check.

What you as Festival Organizer can do to monetize your event:

1. Strategy

Make a strategy how to increase your event's ROI during virtual event.

2. Tactical Plan

Plan for audience engagement; Plan for Sponsors; Plan for ad-space; Plan for e-commerce, and Plan for feedback.

3. Engage right on video

Use Video engagement tools that are shown on top of Video. Votemo offers such solutions for Commenting, Q&A, Polls, Reactions and E-Commerce purposes.

4. Sponsors

Votemo helps event organisers to sell Sponsored space in a way that sponsor is part of an engagement layer.

5. Data

Analyze data during and after the event. Who participated, at what time, where are they placed. Ask participants to write reviews on how they liked Keynote straight after the presentation.

Take a look at the Keynote presentation below:

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Our team is ready to share cases and support with strategic and creative know-how. Votemo audience interaction tools and Graphics Control Software are compatible with all common broadcasting software (OBS, vMix, CasparCG) and event platforms—i.e. NJ Productions, MultiCityTV, Videolevels, Icareus, Brella, Talque, Worksup, etc.—out there.

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