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Tailor-made packages and onboarding for Film Festivals, Sport Events
and other events in unique and complex settings. 


Daily, yearly & project based deals available 

Event Interactivity Tools


  • Votemo Platform

  • 300 concurrent participants

  • Account Setup & Demo

  • Email support


Daily, yearly & project based deals available 

Save time with a full-service package

Everything in Standard plus:

  • Votemo Platform

  • 1000 concurrent participants

  • Account Setup & Demo

  • Dedicated Support


Daily, yearly & project based deals available 

Give sponsors more visibility

Everything in Advanced plus:

  • Votemo Platform

  • 4000 concurrent participants

  • Interactivity Strategy

  • Setup of interactivity modules

  • Sponsor & Advertising tools

  • Dedicated Support


Daily, yearly & project based deals available 

Major events with significant impact

8000 concurrent participants

Audience of up to 100 000 people


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Audience interactivity is key to powerful events with real impact. Introduce your audience with the Votemo interactivity layer and organise smarter data-driven events.

Measure event audiences' experience and actions, show participation results on screens and video stream, and you'll see 80% more engagement and a better outcomes for sponsors.

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