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Set up interactive experiences for your audience. Create polls and ask your audience's opinion. Use Sponsored Polls to provide your sponsors with more effective and powerful solutions that are seamlessly integrated into the storyline.



Provide your audience with animated emojis to express emotions. Create custom emojis inspired by the theme of the production or event, or the story world of your sponsors.

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Ask the audience's opinion and collect comments. Integrate Commenting module on your own website and broadcast the best ones to your TV audience. Votemo enables sentiment detection and Live editing. Use paid commenting tool to monetize your game show or dating programme.

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Paid Voting

Monetize your production with Paid Voting modules for competitions and talent shows or accept donations to your fundraiser. Votemo is integrated with international micro-payment providers allowing quick payment option for the audience. The voting fee will be added to the user's mobile carrier bill.

Place Votemo interactions inside your landing page:

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