Dagmar’s driving force is a desire to innovate and create exciting and fun user experiences and new business models within the content creation industry. Her almost a decade-long experience from leading productions has given her great planning-, people’s- and negotiation skills and knowledge of the local and international production scene.

As Acting CEO of Votemo she is the person to get in touch with any questions you might have on our product, investment opportunities or anything else you might want to talk about.

AD, Design Lead


Martin is responsible for Votemo's design works and processes, and all the customer and user facing visual and interactive elements of Votemo’s products.


Tõnis believes that the future of television and audience engagement is interactive and today is the right time to make it happen.
At Votemo Tõnis is the creative wizard of our product, making sure that the user experience and interaction design is at its best. Having a decade of experience and multiple awards as a creative director under his belt, he speaks creative advertising, media production and entertainment.



Danny is living and breathing in binary, always staying up to date with the latest web technologies. His passion is to continuously improve every line of code he lays his hands on. Combine that with over a decade of experience developing web applications and Danny is the right guy to develop Votemo’s platform.


Maarit is passionate about the future of media, marketing and e-commerce. In Votemo she is responsible for business and finance management and finding perfect people to join our team. In the past years, she's been a member of the Strategic Television Team in Telia, this is from where her excitement bug towards the future of television came from. None of us can top her knowledge and understanding of Telcos and TV channel business.



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